Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby Shot!

This boy is so, so sweet!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent going to the children's service at church followed by a delicious dinner of boeuf bourguignon made by Aaron.  We let Sarah Graves open a few of her gifts and we made sure to set out a cupcake for Santa before we told Rainbow Bobbie goodbye until next year.

Christmas Morning

Each year Christmas morning gets more and more exciting!  Sarah Graves came to wake us up and we alerted Aunt Nay that we were up and heading downstairs!  She was wide-eyed and ready to see what Santa brought!

The key thing that Santa brought SG was a stroller that can go outside!  I think her favorite surprise was the Cinderella Princess dress up set!  Charlie has some new books, stuffed animals, and his own Scout dog.  

She was sure to check that Santa ate the cupcake she left for him and pleased that he ate almost all of it!

A Caillou doctor kit was a pleasant surprise for her.  She loves to give you a shot and is sure to tell you that it is going to hurt a little, just a little.

She was so excited to see that stroller!  She saw one in the store with Pops and stopped in the middle of the aisle and pointed to it saying, "that's what I want Santa to bring me!"  Good thing Santa had already known that request and had it under control.  

Our little princess!

She thoroughly enjoyed going through her stocking.  I think her favorite thing might have been the princess "lipstick" that Santa left her.

We had a very relaxed Christmas at our house.  We unwrapped gifts and snacked for hours taking turns watching each other open gifts and and sharing stories or interesting details about how we came to pick that gift.  Some of us got out of our pjs and some of us never felt the need to. 

We had a ton of gifts to open, too.  We had gifts from all her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even some from friends.  I think it was a little overwhelming for her and we probably should have spaced the gifts out over a few days.  She also helped almost everyone unwrap theirs!

She was so excited about this doll from Grandaddy and MeMe that can go in the bathtub!

She and Pops took breaks to check out her new books and toys while we opened gifts.

Charlie received some great new things, too!  His drum lights up and plays music and he watches Sissy stack up his blocks and knock them over.

Charlie took breaks during gift opening to nap and eat.  Here he is refreshed from a nap and playing with Aunt Nay.

SG couldn't resist putting Charlie in her new stroller!  I don't think he enjoyed the ride too much.

A bathtub for Kate was another one of her requests and Grandaddy and MeMe sent her a tub and all sorts of accessories to help Kate enjoy her bath.  

She was excited about the new outfits that Uncle Les and Aunt Barbara sent her.  

A pack'n play for Kate was another request she had and Grancy and Ger Ger made it happen.  She loves to put the pack'n play in her new play tent/ fort that Santa brought her and make it into her house. 

Charlie immediately fell in love with his Sophie from Boo Boo and Patty. 

Sarah Graves was very excited to receive a bed complete with canopy and mobile for Kate from Boo Boo and Patty.  I need to get a better picture of it because it is beautiful!  She put it right be her bed and her baby stays tucked in at night.  

Once the presents were opened, Mom set about making a feast.  My favorite was the beef tenderloin.  The pork roast with rice and gravy, cornbread dressing, apple and cranberry stuffed pork roast, glazed carrots and garlic green beans were all delicious!  The best part was probably how relaxed it all was with no schedule and no formalities.  

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sick Again

This is our third cold since Thanksgiving. Apparently, Aaron and I have little immunity because we keep getting them right along with SG and Char Char. I just finished a round of antibiotics and Charlie was finally breathing through his nose before it was back again. At least we were well for Christmas!
Charlie has the cutest puppy dog slippers.

Friday, December 28, 2012


During this season I feel so blessed to have these two children.  Watching Sarah Graves learn about Jesus and begin to understand the joy of giving to others is just so special.  I feel very grateful to know my purpose in life and just hope that I do it well for both of them.

My Partner

Sarah Graves had the sweetest conversations with me over this past week and I wanted to remember some of them.
She refers to me as her partner and her buddy, which I think is so precious.  I have often felt like she and I work together as a team; although, sometimes ones of the team members is a little grumpy about our teamwork!

While driving on our way to school:
SG: Momma, you bring Kate to babysitter while I at school?
Me: Sure, I'll drop Kate off.
SG: Momma, Kate got no diapers.  You run by the house and get she she diapers before you go to babysitter, okay?
Me: Uh, I'm not sure I'll have time to go back home before I bring her to the babysitter.  Maybe her babysitter has some diapers?
SG: Okay, you tell she babysitter she no want to such she bottle.
Me: I'll make sure to tell her.

After putting on some of her new "lipstick" that Santa brought her:
SG: Momma, you think me look pretty?
Me: The important thing is for you to feel pretty.  Do you feel pretty wearing your lipstick?
SG: Yes, It's just that I a little sad because Lovie went home and I no go with her.
Me: We did enjoy our time with Lovie and wish we could be with her every day.

She really is her own little person with so many thoughts and ideas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Christmas with little kids is so amazing.  Santa made a stop at our house and we are celebrating joyfully today.  We are thankful to be with my parents and sister today and wish we could be with the rest of our extended family.  

Monday, December 24, 2012


I have seen this pose in Christmas pictures on Facebook and Pinterest and really wanted to do it with my kiddos.  The kids are holding some twinkle lights in a dark room in front of the Christmas tree.  As usual, it's harder to do it and get everyone happy to do it than I expect!  We did pretty well though!

I love them looking at each other!

Lovie made these cute pajamas for them!  We can't wait to wear them on Christmas morning to see what Santa brings!

Cupcakes for Santa

Sarah Graves has wanted to leave cupcakes for Santa since we started talking about the tradition of leaving something out for Santa.  She has been ready to make them for quite sometime now and yesterday it was finally time!  
She helped make the batter, I iced them, and she was in charge of the sprinkles.  She took her job seriously and we have amply sprinkled cupcakes.  She was delighted and in spite of all the mess (sprinkles are everywhere), I was too.

Christmas Lights

I wanted Sarah Graves to see Christmas lights, so Sunday evening we headed out to Life University where they do a big display.  The line of cars to get in was incredibly long, but both of them were pretty patient through the wait.  

SG did fall asleep!

The Christmas trees seemed to excite her the most!

I'm glad we had the chance to sit toasty in our car listening to Christmas music together, but I'm not sure we will wait so long just to see Christmas lights next year!  Maybe just a drive around the neighborhood will do!

Christmas at Momma's Office

My office did a really fun event for the kids this year and had Santa come and read to the kids.  The office was transformed into a winter wonderland complete with a fireplace!  Santa read the story, The Polar Express and then we sang a few Christmas songs.  

SG was pretty captivated.

We talked to Santa again and reminded him of the gifts we would most like.  SG got a little shy with so much going on!

Ms. Algia loves these babies and Sarah Graves warms up to her pretty quick!

Dee in my office organized this lovely event for all of us.  She coordinated treats and made special goodie bags for all the kids.  She also went above and beyond to make an office look like a special Christmas scene with twinkling lights, snow, a Christmas tree and even a sign for the North Pole.  

I may not always love going to work, but I feel grateful to work at a place that really does value families and enjoying our time together.  This event was a great start to our weekend!