Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pre-K Meet & Greet

Charlie had a meet and greet in his class the day before school started. All summer he said he wanted to go back to Froggie school, but when the day came, he seemed on board with at least meeting his new teacher. When we arrived, we immediately saw Miles who was in Char's class last year and the only boy who ended up in his class this year. They were excited to see each other and all appeared to be going great. The door closest to us was locked, so we went around to a side door and in his excitement to get there, Char tripped and fell on both knees. 
They were not hurt too bad as in there was not much blood, but he was thrown for a loop. I gave it a minute and consoled him hoping it would get better. I carried him to his classroom and walked around pointing things out, but the wailing continued. We walked the hall and saw a few teachers from last year and the sobs went on. We went in the bathroom and perched on a step stool and the tears continued. A friend of Charlie's came in the bathroom with his mom and the crying briefly stopped while we handed him a birthday invitation, but they picked up after that. At some point in the tears, he said, "the only way this is going to get better is for you to take me home!" When he said that, I knew there was no way we were leaving school without him going in that classroom of his own will. All through his tears, I kept reminding him it was okay to be scared and okay to feel nervous to be in a new class. When the sobs started to slow, I took him to the nurse's office and she put bandaids on the boo boos. As we walked out of the nurse's office, I asked if he would rather go out on his playground or go to his classroom. He said he wanted to go to his classroom and he never looked back. 
We went in his classroom and he didn't cry at all. His teacher greeted him again and he was not overly friendly, but he managed to get involved decorating his name card that would go on his space at the table.

After he decorated his name, he immediately found the magne-tiles and he was hooked! 

He would play with any kids (and shared with them) as long as they were interested in magne-tiles!

On the way out, he was all smiles and even asked to take this picture!

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