Friday, February 13, 2015

My Big Boy

Charlie is becoming more and more his own person. I love talking with him and am amazed at how well he can carry a conversation. He knows and understands so much and thinks so logical.

The other morning Sarah Graves wanted to kiss him before he left for school. She loves to kiss him and touch him and it just aggravates him! He doesn't want to be handled anymore. While wiping her kiss off he told her, "don't kiss me! I not like it."

He is really cute and I also have a hard time not kissing all over him. I was sitting next to him the other day and this was our conversation
Me: Charlie, you are so cute that I just want to take a bite!
Charlie: No bite me. I a boy.
Me: You are a cute boy and I want to take a little bite.
Charlie: No bite me. I a boy!
Me: Why can't I bite a little boy?
Charlie: Because I special.
Me: Yes, you are my special boy.

He just melts my heart and I really do want to just gobble him up!

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