Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Party Time!

Sarah Graves had waited a long time for her birthday party and couldn't wait for her friends to arrive. One of their first attractions was the bounce house. We were so lucky to have cool, but pleasant weather in late January!

Snow dough was another big attraction. The kids enjoyed standing around the table together working with it and talking to one another as i imagine they do at school.

Cooper is a long time pal (all 2 years) of Charlie's and little brother to Sissy's church friend Allison.

Sissy was all business decorating her cupcake!

The Maw Maws were on hand to snuggle Livy and watch the party!

The piñata was a big hit his year! SG was certain they should hit it with a stick to break it open rather than just pulling the ribbons like last year. I could see the appeal, so that's how we did it. 

Kids patiently waited in line for their turn to take a few whacks at it and even Charlie was excited to get in on it. It took quite a while and we started letting the kids hit and pull the ribbon to get it to open.

At 4 the kids didn't seem to grasp the idea of clamoring for the candy and goodies in the piñata, but at 5 they seem to really get it and quickly picked up the candy to take in their goody bags.

Charlie got some and immediately wanted to try his.

GG held Livy and showed off her cute party dress!

The birthday girl was feeling pretty special to have Maw Maw and GG at her party! They were a huge help getting ready for the party and along with Mom really got things in order after the party!

Time to do the cake!

She was serious blowing out her candle. It was a lot of people gathered to sing and wish her a happy birthday.

Charlie was a satisfied customer with the cake.

She waited until the end to open her presents and was so excited for the toys that her friends picked. There were Playmobil, Lalaloopsy, Sofia the First, Barbie, Play-Doh, books, puzzles, and games! She also received several outfits and some gift cards. What a lucky girl!

She let her brother help open some of the gifts.

So glad Nay and Livy could celebrate with us. Jeanne' was a huge help getting everything ready! Her help made it very relaxed the day of the party and I am very grateful.

Sarah Graves felt pretty sassy wearing her Elsa dress and her Elsa shoes that she received for Christmas.

She loves having her Lovie and Pops there to celebrate with her! I am so appreciative of their help making the cake and taking care of the bounce house!

Sarah Graves is a special girl and we think she had a special birthday. It was a full house with lots of friends and family gathering around her to celebrate. I am so thankful that so many people think she is as special as her dad and I know she is.

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