Sunday, November 28, 2010

Letter Month Ten

Dear Sarah Graves,
I know, technically you were ten months old last Sunday, but we have been a little busy, so I am now finally writing your letter.  What have we been su busy with, you ask?  Traveling, learning to walk, and generating harmony with your sister, Lucy are at the top of the list. 
Halloween weekend we took your first plane trip to Baton Rouge to visit with family and friends.  You did really well on the plane and managed to make a few friends.  It seems like other people think you are as cute as your Dad and I do!  You did really well meeting so many new people.  You would let them hold you and smiled and gave kisses.  I was a little concerned that traveling and staying in a hotel might throw your schedule off, but you did just great.  You napped when you could and came right back to your schedule when we came home. 
Lovie and I took you on another trip to New York city.  I was participating in a leadership training there and I just couldn't be away from you for several days.  As it turns out, you loved being in the city.  You were happy to ride in your stroller and look at everyone.  Our hotel was near Times Square, so you and Lovie went over to watch Good Morning America.  Our biggest hope was that you would be close enough to see them filming, but you were so cute that you were even on camera.  I didn't believe it until people started telling me that they saw my Sarah Graves on Good Morning America.  You were only 9 months old and had a TV debut! 
You have really been focused on learning to walk.  You took your first steps a couple of weeks ago and since then you are getting better and better.  You have walked a few feet, but often you take several steps on your own and then go to crawling.  You are absolutely adorable taking shaky steps with your arms out.  When you start to lose your balance, you begin to move faster!  I wish that we could get a good picture of it, but every time I break out the camera, you will only crawl around. 
You and Lucy like one another quite a bit.  It is very cute to see you giggle and reach out your hand to touch her.  The problem is that Lucy wants to jump up in your face.  She doesn't do it to be mean, she just wants to lick you all over.  You get annoyed with it and she is heavy and can knock you over.  So, we spend a lot of time trying to work with Lucy and teach her not to jump on you.  We are determined to find something that works. 
You are just such a happy baby.  You smile and laugh for us.  It is so funny to see what might make you giggle.  Sometimes it's just a word!  Pink Cadillac made you giggle and giggle the other day.  Then the next day, you were over it.  You are becoming more verbal and I know you understand a lot of language.  You can say "bye bye", although you won't do it on command.  Sometimes you will say "hi" at the appropriate time, so I'm pretty sure that you know what you are saying.  It drives me crazy that you will not even babble "Ma Ma".  I have been signing it and saying it for months and you don' try.  Maybe it's because I come no matter what and you aren't forced to.  You are pretty good at grunting when you want something.  If it doesn't work the first time, you do it louder again. 
I think the thing that melts my heart is when you reach for me.  Sometimes it isn't convenient that you want me to hold you and sometimes it hurts Daddy's feelings that you want me, but it makes me feel so good to know that you are happy and content with me.  After all the work to give birth and get up with you during the night, it feels like you might recognize the special bond that we have and want me.  I'll take that in exchange for some sleepless nights!  You are such a joy to be with.  

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