Monday, March 16, 2015

Letter Month Sixty

Dear Sarah Graves,
Five years old doesn't seem possible. I remember the moment I first held you and finally looked at your precious face. I have to say that I have really enjoyed this age with you. You talk so well and hold great conversation. You are animated when you speak and use your hands and facial expressions to make your point. It is just precious!
You are fascinated with Barbie and everything to do with her and princesses. You love to watch YouTube videos demonstrating toys and acting out scenes with Barbies and princesses. You know a lot about different toys and have really gotten some good ideas for playing with your dolls by watching.
You have really enjoyed being in pre-k. You tell us how much you love your teachers, Ms. Marlene and Ms. Renisha. They are both very fond of you and do a lot to make school fun. You seem to get along well with kids in your class. You are friends with a bunch of kids, but your close friends seem to be Sydney, Charlotte, and Hank. You have had a crush on Hank for a while and say you want to marry him! You have been practicing writing a lot! You can now write your full name and it is very clear. You also enjoy drawing and coloring a lot. You make so many pictures for me during the day at school. You also bring me rocks that you find playing outside. You tell me you bring the rocks so I will know you thought of me.
You enjoy taking ballet, gymnastics, and swim lessons. You have missed going to music class some, but you like doing gymnastics instead. We will find a way to integrate music back into your routine soon. You love to sing and have a definite opinion about what you hear on the radio. You have a lot of dance moves, too! You dance whenever the mood strikes! Right now you really want to be a rock star when you grow up - ballet teacher is a close second!
Big events were going to Disney World, having a baby cousin, and making your first communion. We knew you would love Disney and you did not disappoint! You happily took pictures and got autographs from princesses, rode rides, and sat enthralled during the shows. Your favorite parts were meeting Princess Elsa and having a ball at the hotel water slide! It was truly the trip of a lifetime and I hope you will remember how much fun we had!
Your cousin Olivia arrived on Christmas day and you were eager to meet her. You have been kind and sweet to her wanting to cover her with a blanket, hold her, and rock her in her cradle. You have been waiting for Aunt Nay to give her a paci, too! It won't be long and Olivia will be up playing with you.
Making your first communion was a big deal for us. You have been wanting to do it for a while and we finally decided you were ready to take the class and understand a bit more about it. You wore a dress that was Aunt Nay's when she made her first communion and it was a special day for us. You were a little nervous just before you went to receive it, but you remembered what to do and you did great!
Eating is still a challenge, but we continue to work on it. Your love of crispy bacon as the only meat you eat still surprises and pleases me. You still find breakfast to be your favorite meal and enjoy waffles, pancakes, banana nut muffins, biscuits, doughnuts, and pretty much any other sweet carb offered! You eat enough to grow and keep your energy up, which is our primary concern. We would love to see you eat more from other food groups, but right now we just focus on meal time as a time for family and being together, not a time to stress out about tasting new foods.
You have a kind heart. You love your family fiercely! You tell us you love us and offer kisses and hugs with enthusiasm. You are generally kind to your brother and try to play with him. He loves you and looks up to you, but it is hard to see sometimes when he is breaking toys or pulling your hair. I love you so much and want so many good things for you. I love how innocent you are right now and how you believe anything is possible. You dream of becoming a rock star or an LSU Golden Girl and believe with your heart that that is going to happen. For your sake, I hope it does and all your other dreams too. I still feel thankful each day to be your momma.

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