Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Sarah Graves was excited for St. Patrick's Day! We don't normally do much for the holiday, but she wanted to bake a special cake. She had visions of frosting a shamrock and a rainbow on it, but on a weeknight my best was a pound cake tinted green. She was happy and I had fun making it with them!

Lovie made them cute shirts for the holiday!

I didn't have great luck getting one shot of both of them, ha! The bottom one is Charlie's effort to smile, though!

Of course, she had to enjoy some more of her green cake!
She LOVES this kind of sweet treat! She had a great day and was so excited to see that leprechauns had been in her classroom leaving shamrocks all over and in the adjoining classroom they created a lot of mischief and dumped out all the toys and spread streamers around! Five is such a fun age!

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