Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Birthday Bash!

Charlie is very specific about what he wants, so I knew he wanted a lot of nut on his birthday party. We started discussing it around the time of Sissy's birthday! Superheroes are his favorite thing, so I was pretty sure he would want that for his theme (but you know never know). 
I took him to Party City one evening when it was just the two of us and we picked out his party stuff. He immediately let me know he wanted Batman and Spider-Man. That locked us into a theme!
He looked at several invitation options and decided this one was just right for him! He loves the Flash and also wanted Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman on it. He prefers the Justice League heroes, but Spider-Man is sort of a wild card and this invitation let us have all of his favorites!

He decided he wanted a Batman shirt for school, but wanted Spider-Man for his party. Thank goodness Lovie tries very hard to please this kid and she made him a shirt for each! They are so cute that I know he will wear them both a lot! She also made a cutie girl Wonder Woman shirt for SG! I snuck in some pics of them before we headed to Charlie's party.

He picked out the Spider-Man wristbands at Party City and was very excited about them! He has worn them several times already since his party.

For the first time, we decided to have the party at a place rather than having it here at home. We picked The Little Gym because I liked the parties we have been to there. They only do one party at a time, so it still feels like your kiddo is special and they do a great job of keeping things on a schedule, but not making you feel rushed. Superheroes is one of the party themes available there so much and activities in the gym were themed around superheroes. It worked out awesome for us!

I wanted to do some decorations to really bring the theme together. Charlie picked out the banner and I thought it was really cute! I found the idea to make the city skyline as the backdrop for our superheroes on Pinterest. The cake table was done in Spider-Man and the kid tables were done in Justice League heroes. 

We really are lucky that Lovie and Pops make the cake for their party! Charlie wanted a Spider-Man cake and he got an awesome one!

The goodie bags were important to Charlie. He wasn't so worried about what they looked like, but he was definite about what should go in them! He picked out curly straws, pencils, erasers, and candy for them.

He loved the idea of wrapped Hershey bars from Sissy's birthday and way dying to have some for his friends. He and Sissy helped me put the wrappers on and they turned out really cute!

I made my iced sugar cookies. When I was making them I had the hardest time getting the royal icing to work. It took me 3 batches before it was the right consistency and Aaron helped me ice them into the wee hours. I was sure they weren't going to look too good, but once they were done, I was pretty pleased with them. My favorites were the giant cookies to look like spider webs! These were a big hit with all the party guests!

A couple of days before his party we were going over the menu and Charlie expressed how critical it was to have lollipops. He had them last year and absolutely had to have them this year. I jumped on Pinterest and put together a plan to make some superhero tootsie pops! These turned out so, so cute! They were one of my favorite things. Tootsie pops with superhero capes on them. 

I love that the other kids also wore costumes to the party!

The air track is a big favorite during classes and the kids were really excited to get to play on it for the party.

They pretended to be dinosaurs!

I think he really enjoyed himself and loved his cake!

Evan was his best buddy from Froggie school.

Andrew and Michael are new friends in his pre-k class.

Livy and Sissy in their matching Wonder Woman shirts.

He loves Livy!

His buddy from church, Cooper!

The whole gang pretending to be superheroes!

Making silly faces!

Happy kiddos!

His buddy John from Froggie school

Henry is a buddy from church and school.

Livy loves the bars.

Sissy was in her element!

After the party we came home and he went through his presents. He is one lucky little boy with some awesome new toys!

It was a fun time celebrating our wild man and enjoying all the fun of being 4! I can't wait to see what this year has in store for my guy!

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