Monday, September 19, 2016

Four Year Old Well Visit

Charlie had his four year old well-visit last week and he is doing great! He weighs 37 pounds (60th percentile) and is 40.5 inches (56th percentile). We are hoping for a growth spurt by spring to help him get to 42 inches so he can ride a new super hero ride coming to Six Flags!
He made a train in the waiting room and had me pushing him around!

They checked his vision and his hearing and both appear to be normal. I didn't suspect that he had any issues with either, but always good to confirm.
He thought the paper gown was silly but he looked pretty cute!

He was really nervous about getting shot. He got more anxious throughout the appointment and would not speak to the doctor. We had to wait more than usual, which gave him a lot of time to think about the impending shot! He ended up having his finger pricked for blood work and getting Dtap and Polio vaccines. Poor buddy was so mad that he wouldn't even look in the treasure box! He screamed for a while after we headed home and then finally fell asleep and took a long nap.

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