Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Sarah Graves and I had fun making plans for a Halloween party before we went out trick-or-treating. We made the cake, pretzels in chocolate, punch, chips, and our usual hotdogs and chili.

We saw this idea on Pinterest (it's dangerous to let Sissy get on Pinterest) to fill a glove with water, freeze it, and put the giant ice cube shaped like a hand in the punch so it looks like a bloody hand. The glove is harder to get off than we expected, but the amputated fingers added to the gore!

My Super Girl is ready for trick-or-treat!

Livy wanted to show off how to fly like a superhero.

The excitement of his class party left Charlie a little irritable and I was worried he might not make it out for trick-or-treat. He didn't want to wear his Batman costume that he wore all day, so I pulled this one out and with a little work he was ready to head out!

Batman and Supergirl were joined by Robin and Wonder Woman for trick-or treating.

Then, Batgirl came along!

It's Batgirl and Cat Woman ready for trick-or-treat!

Olivia understood trick-or-treating immediately and was all in!

 Super Girl and Batman turned into zombies after trick-or-treating!

Pleased with her haul of candy!

Our attempts at a picture with Lovie and Pops! It's hard with all these crazies! I am so grateful to have all of them so close to us! They add so much to our lives.

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