Thursday, August 10, 2017

Time to Move on...It's Time to Get Goin'

After 10 years as an internal consultant in Organizational Effectiveness, I made the decision to move on to a new role. On July 10, I started as Process Improvement Manager on the HR Technology and Analytics team.

The decision to leave my OE team was not easy, but I knew I was ready for a change. The OE team was wonderful and supportive of me leaving. I may even get to work with them on projects from time to time!

The team sent me off with a warm farewell! I love the apron Kim made me honoring my new adventure and the apron signed by the team in Home Depot tradition!

I have been invigorated by new work and a new team! They have welcomed me in and helped me get on my feet! Even though it is still HR at Home Depot, I might as well have joined a new company! It is a completely different perspective.

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