Sunday, August 13, 2017

Camp Lovie

 While Sissy was away in Shreveport, Charlie was having fun at Camp Lovie! He was happy as could be! Charlie likes to spend time at home, but he got out and did a few things too!

Their big outing was a day at Lego Land!

He loves to go to Catch Air so much! He makes buddies in the building area.

Aaron and I offered to take him out one evening and his pick was pizza at Costco! We followed that up with a walk through the mall and let him do one of the rides. 

One of Charlie's favorite treats is a doughnut! I offered to take him one morning as a special treat not knowing it was Krispy Kreme anniversary and doughnuts were at a special price! An hour and a half later we left with two doughnuts! He was so patient in line and even played with a toddler who was having a tough time. Such a sweet boy!

Another evening we went out to mark the end of my first week in my new job. I think Charlie enjoyed having the undivided attention!

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