Friday, August 11, 2017

Pre-4th Fun

We enjoyed another fun day at the lake with the Fredettes. Swimming, boat riding, playing, eating good food, taking in the sunset, and an added bonus, finding some awesome pre-4th fireworks!

Aaron took Evan out for a kayak ride.

Livy enjoyed swimming in the warm lake water!

Charlie loves to paddle around the lake, play on the paradise pad, and do crazy jumps off the dock!

Evan enjoyed the lake too.

After years of not water skiing, Mr. Dennis hopped up like he never stopped!

Of course there were jet ski rides.

Sissy and Livy made wedding fashions out of blankets and hydrangea blooms made fabulous bouquets as they played wedding!

Charlie had the idea to curl up in a storage tote.

Then, all the kids wanted to curl up into one.

After they came out of the boxes, Charlie pointed out this warning label on the lid! Oops! Bad mom moment here!

Evan had to head home so we got a picture of all the kids. We couldn't get one of everybody looking and smiling, but they had fun together!

We headed out for a sunset cruise.
Fun to note that both Aaron and I would lose our hats before the week was over! Definitely have to work out a plan to keep our hats on while riding in the boat!

We had a nice sunset. Love the sunbeams coming through the clouds.

While we were out watching the sunset, a friend of Lovie and Pops' came up in his boat and he told us about some good fireworks that evening. Charlie fells asleep (no surprise there), but SG and Livy loved sitting on the front of the boat and watching the fireworks.

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