Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gramma & Grancy Come to Visit

Granny and Gramma came to visit Valentine's weekend. We had a very relaxed weekend with lots of time at home just hanging out with them. 
Sarah Graves was so excited to see Grancy!

Charlie remembered that the fox says, "Gramma Gramma!"

Sarah Graves loves having new people to play with and she had a chance to show Gramma how much she likes the vintage Barbie clothes that Gramma's aunt made for her when she was little.

We had my family over to visit and this cutie was excited to show off her new walking!

After dinner we took some photos in our "photo booth"

My little valentine's!

Their visit was over all too quick, but they made some great memories. Time playing babies, Barbie's,  and doing crafts. 

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