Friday, June 12, 2015

Momma Came Back

There is a song from Music Together about momma and daddy always come back. It has been a wonderful way to remind the kids that we always come back. Charlie has even sung it to Livy when she was crying!
All this to say I have done a fair amount of travel in the past month and Charlie always hugs me saying, "you came back!"
I have been to Joliet, IL visiting Distribution Centers this week and before that I was in California. The trips were good for work, but very hard to be away from everyone. Aaron and the kids have done beautifully with help from Lovie. I am so grateful to them for keeping everything together.

I remember my family by choosing restaurants that remind me of them!

Joliet wasn't much to see, but Southern California had some nice views.

I should be in the office working for a while and I am glad to be around for bedtime and good mornings.

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