Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spirit Week!

In my haste to share about our trip to Shreveport I forgot to post about some other fun before that.

Spirit Week is something Sarah Graves really looks forward to! Charlie wasn't old enough to be in a class, but he was in the nursery with Olivia while Lovie taught! Fun memories for all of them and a way to be part of our church community.

He was proud that Ms. Courtney had a Spirit Week t shirt for him!

Ms. Courtney loves the kiddos at our church and does an awesome job with Children's Ministries!

SG and Greg had fun together and liked being in Lovie's class.

Their class paraded in waving animals as a piece of God's earth.

Singing a song they learned.

Charlie was worn out! Next year he will be up there singing and performing!

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