Monday, June 22, 2015

Time with Papaw

Thursday morning we headed over to Papaw's to visit with him. 

 Charlie looked out the window and said, "Papaw, you have a big yard." After that we headed out to see what all Papaw has outside.
Lots of space to run!

4 wheelers to go for a ride!

A garden full with cucumbers, tomatoes, peas that the deer ate, peaches that the birds are eating, muscadines, and potatoes! Even though the tomatoes are not yet ripe, Charlie had to check each one!

He showed them how to dig a potato and this left an impression on Charlie

Papaw planted this tree about 1960 and look how it has grown!

The kids enjoyed swinging on Mamaw's swing. I imagine she was smiling down watching them enjoy her lovely place so much. 

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