Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sunday Funday at Six Flags

On a gorgeous spring day we played hookie from all our usual stuff and had a fabulous time at Six Flags! 
The weather was a little cool but the sunshine and clear skies were perfect!

Charlie decided his favorite thing is Bumper Cars! I remember being Sarah Graves' age going to a local amusement park and loving them too!

Charlie was not able to get on the Tweety Bird ride in the same group as SG. She came to me after her turn very worried that her brother was having to ride alone. She had asked several times to ride again to be with her brother and was very frustrated that the lady said no. I don't think Charlie was bothered at all! He beamed through the whole ride.

SG tried riding Great American Scream Machine, her first wooden roller coaster. She said it was fine but they should really fix how bumpy it is!

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