Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Doctor Visits for Buddy

Charlie recently had a checkup for his hand. We will continue to hold off on surgery as he grows more. The x-rays looked good to Dr. Lourie and we will wait so we can get the most benefit from the surgery. I am fine to wait because I honestly dread putting him through that again. A lollipop and a sticker made him quite happy!

Charlie has been having a rash for weeks and nothing we did made it go away and it actually continued to spread. It didn't really bother him but it made blister like bumps. The doctor confirmed it is something called moloscum that is caused by a virus, isn't bothersome to the patient, and is very contagious. We could leave it alone but it often takes a few years to run its course. We are trying a cream that seems to be helping. 
He was so funny as we were leaving the office he said, "so are we done?" And I said yes. Then he stopped walking and said, "but I still have all these bumps!"

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