Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter Sunday

The Easter bunny came! He brought a doll carrier, summer pjs, sunglasses, movie, prizes and candy! The bunny bait they left out for him must have worked!

Charlie got into his chocolate bunny first thing!

Sissy was so proud to check out her new doll carrier!

After a pleasant morning we made it to church just in time to flower the cross.

After the service the kids had another Easter egg hunt. There was a good chance of rain so they set it up inside. 
Since our church has the kids hunt for eggs looking for eggs numbered 1 - 12, it works out okay to have them inside. Once the kids get all 12 eggs they turn them in for a treat.

After church Charlie had a rough time and just had a lot of big feelings. Playing with Pops was the only time he was happy all afternoon.

Sissy loved the chance to show Lovie her new Easter prizes!

Here's a pic of the eggs the kids dyed. They used paint, glitter, and markers to decorate them!

Charlie did not want to take a picture so our sweet girl got Lovie and Pops all to herself.

He came around in time for a family picture! I love them so.


We had ham, a twice baked cauliflower casserole, grits, rolls, and deviled eggs for lunch. The part I was excited about were the desserts. I made iced bunny cookies, jello jigglers, and a blueberry pie. I thought it was all delicious!

We had a relaxed day enjoying time together to celebrate God's love for us! 

We were disappointed Jeanne' and Olivia couldn't be there, but Livy was feeling rotten with a stomach virus. The kids really missed her and thought it wasn't the same without her.

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