Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More Holiday in the Park

We went to Holiday in the Park the day after Christmas and it was crazy crowded! So, the day after New Year's we decided to go back one more time before Six Flags closed until spring. The weather had turned cold, but it was not crowded at all! I don't mind bundling up if it means I don't have to stand in line!

Poor Char went from sitting up wearing his sunglasses to out cold on the walk in from the parking lot! I love how he proudly wore his sunglasses upside down!

Sissy loves to ride the tilt-a-whirl ride called Harley Quinn and it is right next to Mindbender which is a moderate roller coaster that does have loops. We knew she was tall enough for Mindbender, but she has always been too nervous to try it. Finally, she decided to give it a try and this is the happy and proud face afterward! Yay! She is going to be a roller coaster girl!

The kids love to ride the baby roller coaster, Canyon Blaster, but the line for it is always kind of long. Here sister is so proud to be sitting up on the wall while waiting in line!

Poor Charlie, he was so worried he was going to get sick because he went to Six Flags. He has gotten sick right after going twice now, so I can't blame him for feeling concerned! He did enjoy riding the rides and came home fit as a fiddle!

We are looking forward to going back to Six Flags in warm weather and taking advantage of all the water rides and fun!

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