Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas Day

After we had a chance to celebrate Christmas and open presents at our house, we headed over to Lovie and Pops' house to celebrate with all of them. The kids were quite happy to continue the present opening marathon.

This dinosaur toy was by far Charlie's favorite thing he opened that afternoon. 

Sissy was excited for all her toys, including this mega Play Doh set!

Livy was sick with a virus and not feeling very well, but she managed to enjoy some of her birthday.

Nay found this super cool toy for Charlie called a Spiny. Pieces are connected on to it and you watch them spin around. All the kids really liked to watch it.

Dad smoked a turkey that was delicious. Our Christmas dinner also included dirty rice, pork roast, and rice and gravy. It was delicious!

Livy loves her Uncle Aaron!

Jeanne' bought Dad a gag box that looked like it was a coffee pot for the shower! It was funny to see his expression as he unwrapped it.

Sissy loves her Lovie!

She was very proud of her new My Little Pony Play-Doh set!

After dinner, we started a birthday celebration for Livy! Hard to believe it was a year ago that we celebrated Christmas a little bleary eyed from welcoming the best Christmas gift anyone could hope for.

She had some eager helpers to blow out her candle!

Such a sweet birthday girl.

She enjoyed squishing her cake more than eating it!

The kids did pretty well with all the excitement and crazy fun of Christmas, but by evening Charlie was worn out and quickly fell asleep in my lap. 

We had a great Christmas and felt so lucky to have so much including a great family, wonderful food, and so many thoughtful gifts. We really had a great Christmas.

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