Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here at the Overlook

Yes, we are still snow bound again today.  After shoveling the driveway last night, Aaron made an attempt to get out to go to work this morning, but his car couldn't make it up the hill to get out of the neighborhood.  So, we are having another snow day.  Considering that I stayed home with SG on Sunday because she wasn't feeling good, this is my third consecutive day not to leave the house.  I don't usually spend this much concentrated time at home, so it feels a bit strange.  I referenced the name of the hotel in The Shining, you know the one where they are snow bound and can't get out until spring.  Actually, this isn't as bad as that.  Most of the day is spent chasing SG around and keeping her from chewing on Lucy's toys, pulling items out of the garbage (note to self: we must get a lidded garbarage can as soon as we dig out), and making sure we have both sets of stairs blocked at all times.  We have read lots of books, watched some DVDs, and had lots of sweet smiles.  The day flies by! 
Aaron and I have caught Sarah Graves' cold and are feeling a bit puny.  She is doing alright, but has decided that she hates having her nose wiped.  Wild animals are probably easier to handle than she is when she realizes that you have a wipe in your hand.  She scratches with her nails (note to self: must trim baby's fingernails) and jerks her head every which way to get away from you.  Then when you do make contact, she starts to scream and gets so angry that more snot begins to pour from her nose.  So, the process feels a bit unproductive, but I break down and do it before her face is plastered in grossness.  Don't even think that you might suction the gross stuff out.  She will make sure that is not going to happen. 
Teleworking with a baby around is interesting.  Aaron has helped out a lot by watching her while I write emails or make phone calls.  I haven't really made progress on actual projects, but I have kept things going on time.  I hear moms mention that they work from home and their kids are not in daycare or with a nanny; I don't know how they do it.  She is a major distraction for me and hard to lock myself away for hours to get things done. 
Oh well, work will still be there once the snow melts.  I am enjoying my time to be holed up here with my sweet, little family.  I'll let you know if Aaron starts chopping through the bathroom door screaming, "HERE'S JOHNNY!"

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