Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday in the Park

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Atlanta with sunshine and temperatures in the 60's.  We, along with everyone else in this area, decided to head to the park.  Since Sarah Graves learned to walk, it has been too cold to get outside to play.  I was anxious for her to have a chance to walk around in some open space and to feel the sun on her face again.  The Red, White, and Blue park (I think it has a more official name, but that is what everyone calls it) is right down the street from our house and right next to our church. 

I'm not sure that she loved it quite as much as we hoped she would.  She wasn't unhappy at all, she just wasn't all smiles and giggles about it the way I had hoped.  She definitely loved seeing the other kids and she wasn't the least bit afraid to try out the climbing type structure and slide they have.  It was really too big for her, but she gave it her all and climbed through it with me right behind her.  I don't think she loved the slide too much, but she went down a few times.  
She definitely enjoyed the freedom to walk around. 

Swinging got some smiles from her!

I can't believe she is so big!  Where did those long legs come from?

Having fun with Daddy! 

We are looking forward to going back as the weather gets nicer and she gets bigger.  Many more fun Saturdays at the park in our future!

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