Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthday Party - Part 2

Mom had the idea that instead of a bib, we should do an apron for her to eat her cake in.  So, Mom embroidered this cute apron for her that said Happy Birthday Sarah Graves with the cupcake with one candle.  It was really cute, but SG was much too distracted to pose for a photo.  The apron was also genius for keeping the cupcake crumbs out of her lap!

I didn't think about practicing blowing out candles with her.  She knows how to blow on her food when it's hot, but I think this made any sense to her. 
She did really well while everyone sang to her and stared at her. I was a little concerned that she might get upset, but she just looked around and took it all in. 
At first, the cupcake was a little bit of a mystery to her.  All it took was me helping her get a dab of icing in her mouth and she understood exactly what that cupcake was for! 

She sat there and munched and munched on her cupcake.  She ate some ice cream with it, too and thought it was all delicious.  Eventually, it was all gone and there were just some crumbs left behind in her chair! 

She loved it so much that later that evening she saw a plate of cupcakes on the counter and began giving her signs for more and food!  She ate that second cupcake right up!  We now have the leftover cupcakes tucked away out of sight! 

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