Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Party - Part 4

I feel so fortunate that so many people came to Sarah Graves' party.  Here are pictures of people from her party. 
Libby and baby Emily were visiting Atlanta for another party and were so kind to come to ours as well.  I never dreamed they would come down from North Caroline, but it was great to have them there since we went through our pregnancies together and I feel like we know Emily from her blog!

Our friend Natalie and her husband Chris came with baby Mia.  Mia and Sarah Graves are old friends since Lovey keeps Mia sometimes when Natalie works.

Aunt Nay came and we sure are greatful for all of her help getting the food ready for the party.  She was also great and caught a lot of the pictures!

My friend Sarah came, and I so appreciate her making the effort to hang out with me now that I have a baby and my social life is much different. 

Grandaddy flew in just to be at Sarah Graves' party.  We were thrilled that he and Granny B could make it.  (Sarah Graves has him wrapped around her finger, just a little :) )

Here SG is hanging out chatting with Aunt Nay and Granny B.  She is such a good hostess like that!

She and Lovey chatted with baby Emily and Libby, too!

After her party she decided she needed some real food and Granny B was happy to feed her. What does a birthday girl eat for dinner?  Green beans, chicken, and quinoa.  Then, she spotted the plate of cupcakes and signed for "more" and "food" until I gave her one.  She ate it all...again! 

We were sad when Granny B and Grandaddy had to leave the next day.  Our visits are just never long enough. 

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