Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Party Invitation

I have been working hard to get an invitation ready for Sarah Graves' birthday and I finally had it done on Saturday night.  Then, the snow hit.  At first, I thought it wouldn't be a big deal and we would mail them out on Tuesday.  Now it's Wednesday and we really haven't been able to leave.  Aaron just made it up our street and has been able to see the conditions of the roads in the area.  The overpass that we use as one way to get to and from our neighborhood is totally iced over and the intersection I go through to get to work he said is a mess with only one lane operational. 
Aaron is a good Dad and despite the conditions of the roads (and due to his cabin fever) he is trying to get to the post office to get Sarah Graves' birthday invites in the mail.  Let's hope that he is successful! 
Here's a peak at her invite!  I think she looks pretty cute in her first birthday outfit that Ms. Margaret Ann made her. 

I have been working on plans for her party, which I know is more for me than it is for her.  I think she will enjoy her first taste of cake! 

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