Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Almost Forgot To Post These!

SG was so fortunate to have aunts, uncles, and cousins send her gifts for her first Christmas.  My Aunt Linda, Maw Maw Bourgeois, and cousin Nikki came the week before Christmas to deliver some of her gifts. 
Her teapot plays music and makes a pouring sound that really excites her.  She giggles when I pretend to drink from a teacup, too!

My Aunt Linda made this child's step stool for her.  I am discouraging standing on it, but she uses it as a seat for now.  In case the picture is hard to read, it says,
My little Tiger stool is lots of fun,
I'm now as tall as anyone.
I reach the sink and toothbrush, too.
And brush just like big folks do.
Really cute!

Nikki brought her a dog that is remote controlled and has all sorts of little things it will teach her.  She uses it as a seat sometimes, too!

Her cousin Wyatt sent her a See'n Say.  I hear she really likes it, but once it went to Lovie and Pops' house I haven't seen it.
Her Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Chris picked out a sweet lamb, a little pearl bracelet for babies, and a CD of Sunday School songs.  I like to sing along with songs!

Uncle Steve sent her a cell phone.  This is just her kind of toy because she can walk around with it and it makes noise.  What more could a girl want?

I hope I have captured her with most of her presents.  If I didn't get it posted, it's only because I have so many photos and have not managed to get all of them tagged and organized. 
We appreciate all the thoughtful gifts and wish that we could have seen each of you during the holidays!

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