Monday, January 31, 2011

Favorite Foods

We have some new favorites at our house!

She didn't like bananas mashed or cut into little pieces, but she likes to take a bit off the banana like a big girl!  We hold it for her and she will take little bites off of it.  She usually eats half a banana, but she has been known to eat the whole thing!  She prefers them when they are super-ripe, like you would probably think to throw it out.  So if you have some older bananas, pass them our way!  Her Grancy says that a banan is a meal in itself.

She loves Cheerios!  We are trying to teach her to say Os, but no luck so far.  Mom made this darling little container for them with her name embroidered on it!

Greek yogurt with blueberry puree was about the only thing I could get her to really eat for a while.  She just fell in love with it. 

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