Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birthday Party - Part 3

Sarah Graves received many nice gifts for her birthday.  Some were practical and some were fun, but they were all cute!  We didn't get pictures of everything, but here are some that we took.
Lovey and Pops gave her this fun plate to celebrate her birthday.  It will be a special keepsake for years to come.

Sarah Graves was excited about her presents!

We gave her a cozy coupe!  These have really come along way since I was a kid.  Now there is a "floorboard" for when they are really little so their feet don't drag.  She looks like she's in a parade when we push her around the house in it!  She leans back and grins!

We also gave her Duplos.  Daddy is going to play with them for now and when she figures them out, he'll give her a turn :)

Family friends, the Fredettes, gave her a darling dress with this matching headband.  I never thought she would leave a headband on, but she walked around with it on for quite a while.  Sometimes it was on her forehead more like a flapper!

Our friends, the Waites, gave her several books.  This one is called an indestructible book meant for babies.  It's soft, but they claim that it will withstand chewing and tugging and all sorts of wear that babies put on books. 

She also got lift-the-flap books.  These are her favorite kind of book.

She was curious about all her things!

All sorts of fun, new toys to check out.

Grancy gave her this ride-on train that plays all sorts of music and has different things to work her motor skills.  It's right up SG's alley!

My friend Sarah came and brought her these sing-ama-jigs.  They make sounds when you press their belly and you can keep pressing and they make a song.  They are funny for adults and kids!

She also received some dresses, a doll that giggles, a Leap Frog farm for the refrigerator that sings and let's you match animals, all sorts of books, money for her savings, gift card for spring clothes, and a cute set of building blocks that make a princess castle.  We are so appreciative that everyone thought of our sweet girl and the special day that she made her arrival!  Everything was going so fast that we just didn't get pictures of it all.  I have to say thanks to my sister for having the wherewithall to pick up the camera and snap most of these!

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