Thursday, January 7, 2010

Emergency Plans

Yesterday some co-workers began expressing concern about the potential for me to go into labor while at work.  I explained that I didn't think that would be a problem because I could just wrap things up, call Aaron, and head home.  I tried to explain that early labor usually takes a while and there would be plenty of time.  They thought I was nuts. 
Once they described how it would be, I realized that they were envisioning more of what you would see on a sit-com.  The first contraction starts, the woman goes crazy, they get stuck in the elevator, and the baby is delivered dramatically.  Some of these women have given birth themselves, so you would think they would understand, but the amnesia part must set in rather quickly.  I was told that I would not be able to drive while in labor (it's less than 2 miles to my house) and that we definitely needed an emergency plan.  I resisted for a while as their view of labor is not at all consistent with what I have been researching and envisioning, but finally I relented.  I figured it would just be easier to let them make the emergency plan and feel prepared rather than try to convert them to my way of viewing birth. 
We now have a plan posted in my cube that shows phone numbers for important people like Aaron, Mom, and the midwife, and it includes a map to the hospital.  They also emailed a copy to manager so that he could be prepared. 
At least I can say that I work with people who care about me!

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Nikki said...

OH how very nice!! You never know!