Sunday, January 10, 2010


One other thing on our to do list was to decide on a pediatrician.  We went for a consultation with one more practice and we liked what we found.  Their office is not too far from our house, it is done in bright colors, we liked the pediatrician we met with, and they have some nice features like doing lab work and stitches in their office.  They don't have a sick waiting area, but they do sign you in at the desk and take you to an exam room where you wait.  I know that the rooms aren't sanitized after each kid, but I think mentally I will feel better if my new baby isn't sitting next to a kid who is coughing up a lung.  They have one area where they do all the vaccines and needle sticks so that the kids don't associate being in the exam room with something that hurts.  I like the idea of that as a way to make it less traumatic to go for a check-up. 
The two down sides are that they strictly adhere to the CDC's vaccine schedule and you have to park in a parking garage and walk a ways to their office.  The vaccine thing makes me nervous, but I haven't found any proof that spreading the vaccines out really does anything and we haven't found many offices that will work with us on this. 
All in all, this was the first pediatrician we met with that we both walked out and said that we liked it.  It's good when we both have a positive feeling!

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