Sunday, January 31, 2010

Missing Being Pregnant

Since I have been home I have missed being pregnant.  I love having her in my arms, but I miss that feeling of having her inside me.  I liked my big belly and feeling her squirm and kick in there.  For the first few days after she was born I felt like I could still feel her moving inside. 
There are some good things about not being big pregnant anymore like sleeping on my back again and being able to easily get out of bed without feeling like a turtle on its back.  Plus, now I can kiss on those sweet cheeks!


Tricia said...

Plus you get to share her with us!

Nikki said...

I think that is just one of things that is sooooo amazing about the entire pregnancy experiences is that as women we get to feel the baby inside of us. Honestly, I would give ANYTHING to feel that part without the rest. LOL!!!

As women we are truly lucky!!