Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nearing the End

I know that some of you were concerned that no posts since Thursday may have meant that we were in labor.  No labor yet.  I have been quite tired and definitely feeling the need to nest. 
At Christmas we were 37 weeks and everyone was asking if I was ready, but I really wasn't ready for her to come yet.  I was still enjoying being pregnant and just wasn't quite ready for it to be over.  Well, in the last week I have started to feel ready for this baby girl to get here.  I have grown to a size that makes it uncomfortable to do many things, one of which is sleeping.  It just seems hard to get comfortable and the urge to use the restroom and the practice contractions seem to keep me moving all night.  In her book Ina May says that you have to reach this point when you are uncomfortable being pregnant so that you have the desire and the will to go through the hard work of labor.  Bring on the hard work!
I have been doing a lot of nesting and Aaron has been a trooper.  Finishing the nursery was a big one to get done.  I was also concerned that we needed to get all the Christmas decorations put away and cleaned up before the baby got here.  Even though I was super tired, we managed to finish that one on Friday night.  I had some other things that I wanted to do before labor like make a playlist for my ipod to help me during labor and I managed to get that done too. 
Now I am feeling ready.  I just need my sister and Pam to get back and we can have this baby.  I have been telling her that her birthday is Saturday and that she should be getting ready to come then.  We'll see if she has been listening to me! 

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Jeanne' Bourgeois said...

I'm back! Sarah Graves you can come any day now.