Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beginning Labor

My concerns about not going into labor seem to be unfounded.  This morning I started noticing some contractions and they have continued on throughout the day.  They are still sort of erratic, so we are staying home for now.  We went for a walk and that seemed to make them intensify, but they still aren't lasting as long as they need to for us to go to the hospital. 
Aaron and Mom are here with me and we have been passing the time taking care of little things and talking.  Aaron made some yummy pasta and much to my surprise I was quite hungry. 
I will try to remember to update before we head to the hospital.  I don't think the hospital has wi-fi, so we probably won't be able to update for a bit after we're there. 


Sarah S said...

woohoo!!!! thinking of you--sending tons of positive vibes, strength, and much love!

Joy said...

I am so excited for you guys. If you need anything let me know. Good luck.
Joy, Mario and Hollie Belle