Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mothering the Mother

I have been very fortunate to be so well taken care of after Sarah Graves' birth.  Both my Mom and my mother in law have been such a help. 
My Mom of course was there for me during the birth and after.  After we came home from the hospital she brought me some really comfy things to wear to lounge in at home.  I didn't know what my body might be like or what might be comfortable for nursing, but she picked out some things that have been really helpful. 
Then, my mother in law came on Friday and once we came home from the hospital she would take Sarah Graves during the night after I nursed her and let me go back to bed.  Those first couple of nights home were not easy and I know she didn't get much sleep herself.  I am so grateful to have had the chance to rest a bit and still be up to feed the baby.  She also helped around the house and and made us her special chocolate pie.  What a treat!  She had to go back to Shreveport yesterday and we were all sad to see her go. 
Last night was the first night that I was on my own with Sarah Graves.  She was an angel for me.  She nursed well and slept right next to me in the bed.  I can't believe just how sweet she is.  Here's the little face that I looked into all night.


Pennyparke said...

Love this beautiful picture and the one of you with her, Natalie. I am really enjoying sharing in your life with Sarah Graves. Nancy

Nikki said...

How could you sleep with that sweet face to look at!! LOL!!!