Friday, January 15, 2010


I woke up about 3 o'clock this morning and could not fall back to sleep.  As I was laying there trying to go back to sleep I noticed that I wasn't feeling sweet pea moving around.  Well once I started thinking about it, I became more concerned and soon got up.  I drank something and did a few things, but still didn't feel her moving.  I took a shower and still didn't feel much movement.  I decided to drink some sugary juice and lay down for a bit hoping that would bring some movement.  That got a little movement out of her, at least enough to reassure me she was fine, but it didn't bring any big kicks or rapid movements.  Once I got to the office, she hasn't stopped moving!  All my worrying and fretting that made me later than usual getting to work and work is where she wanted to be! 
Have I mentioned that I am ready for her to get here?


Nikki said...

OH - what a scary moment! Glad all is well!

Jeanne' Bourgeois said...

Nat, I can't imagine the stress that brought on. I feel like it's Christmas Eve when we were little and we couldn't wait for the morning to come except we don't know when the morning will be here. It's driving me insane so I can't imagine how you guys are feeling.