Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Still at Home

As Aaron posted earlier, labor sort of slowed down late last night.  I have been having contractions all day, but they aren't organized and seem to stop and start.  I was able to lay down for a couple of hours and Mom and Aaron rested for a while, too. 
This afternoon, I went to Mom's accupuncturist to see if she could help with getting things going again.  We just came back from walking several miles, which always makes the contractions start.  It's just getting them organized so that they are productive. 
Aaron and Mom have both done some reading and this is not uncommon.  I am just feeling a little frustrated because I was all ready for labor to get going and meet this baby.  We'll stay home though until labor is organized. 

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Nikki said...

WooHoo!!! Soooooo glad she is finally here!! Soooo glad all went well and you are a rock star -- going to the hospital at 3am then poof she was here at 7:20am.... way to go. I can't wait to see pictures and I am soooo jealous that my mom gets to see her in two weeks!!