Monday, January 25, 2010

Coming Home

We were given the all clear to come home from the hospital on Saturday.  Sarah Graves was given a clean bill of health from the pediatrician and was proclaimed a very pretty baby.  As if we hadn't figured that one out already!  I brought a special dress for her to wear home and she had booties and a hat that were given to her for the special event.  She looked just like an angel in her special going home outfit.  Because it was quite cold, Mom and Pops got her the softest little baby coat to wear.   

Here are some pictures from the hospital that day.


Nikki said...

oh goodness -- how adorable!!!

Chip Lamborn said...

wow - Sarah is truly beautiful!!! She was born as I landed in London at 12:20 on Friday to begin my adventure here. Congratulations to both Natalie/Erin --(you both look so happy) and all the Bourgeois! Tally ho Erin and Natalie -- job well done. Chip from London, UK