Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a truly wonderful Christmas!  On Christmas Eve we went to one of my parents' neighbors for their annual Christmas party and had a nice time visiting with their friends.  We went to Christmas Eve mass at St. Benedict's and really enjoyed the beautiful service.  I was pleased that we sang so many pretty carrols, including Silent Night by candlelight. 
We all spent the night at Mom and Dad's and woke up together to open presents on Christmas morning.  We received so many nice gifts from both sides of our family.  I'm sure I will soon be posting pictures of some of the cute things for Sarah Graves. 
We had Christmas dinner at some friends', the Currans.  It was a lovely dinner and their family was really kind to welcome all of us.  After dinner, we had a dessert party at my parents' house.  This was probably the icing on our Christmas cake!  Mom's friend Jacquie's brother Roland plays the piano and will play while everyone sings carrols and anything else we can think of to request.  The hit of the party was singing the 12 Days of Christmas.  Everyone gets a day and there are props that you have to use when it's your turn.  If you miss your part or don't sing out, Roland starts again.  Some verses took several tries before we completed them!  It was a really fun evening.  Below are some pictures from the dessert party.

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Libby said...

Cute pictures! It looks like we left too early :)!