Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cookie Time

Baking Christmas cookies is probably one of my favorite things about the holidays.  I like sending the cards and decorating the tree, but the cookies are the best.  I baked these cookies for a cookie exchange that Jeanne' and I went to on Sunday.  Through Jeanne' I met a nice group of girls who get together every year to do a cookie and ornament exchange.  I love getting to try everyone else's recipes and find a few new favorites!  The recipe that I tried this year is a chocolate mint cream.  They turned out tasting pretty yummy and the bright green mint chips give them a nice bit of color.  This could be a keeper!

Aaron and I made these last night.  They are a toffee crinkle.  They didn't turn out exactly like the picture in the book, but they taste pretty good!  I'll be bringing these to an ornament exchange for the women's group at church tonight and Aaron took a batch for his holiday luncheon at work. 
Hopefully this weekend I will have some free time to work on making some of our other favorites like cocoons and iced sugar cookies. 


Nikki said...

oooohhhh!! Nothing can beat a good ole' cocoon!!

Can't wait until this weekend to eat some! That and boudin balls!

Nikki said...

BTW -- all of you will be sincerely missed!!

Natalie said...

I wish it were easier for us to get home and be with everyone. We will be thinking of you all.