Monday, December 14, 2009

Back to Class

This Saturday we went to a breastfeeding for couples class and we really learned a lot.  Aaron learned that his job is going to be to get the baby good awake when it's time to eat so that she will be ready.  We practiced a few techniques for how to get them awake like rubbing their palms and the bottoms of their feet as well as doing little baby situps. 
The class covered some other good things like positions for holding the baby to feed, how to know if you're baby is getting enough, and that it should not hurt.  The instructor also showed us several different newborn feeding schedules and how each was different, but still perfectly fine.  One thing that I appreciated is that she covered with us how to feed your baby from a bottle in the case that they need the bottole in the first few days (e.g., baby can't maintain her blood sugar well, mom's milk has not come in), but you still want them to breastfeed. 
I would really recommend this class.  Aaron and I both felt like we learned a lot from it. 
After class Aaron took me for a yummy lunch at Maggiano's. Who could ask for a better date than that?

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Nikki said...

Oh wow -- once again.....I still learn so much for you blog. Who would know that they baby had to be so awake. I figured they would just open their mouth and eat.

I agree....what a wonderful date!!