Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today I had a check-up and Sarah Graves and I are both doing well.  My blood pressure is great and my weight is looking good.  We listened to her heartbeat and heard it loud and strong.  She is positioned so that he legs and arms are near my ribs on the right side, which would explain the discomfort that I am in with all of her movement.  She is kind of laying sideways, so she hasn't gotten into position yet, but there is still time for that. 
I brought my draft of my birth plan to go over with the midwife and that was an interesting experience. I think my record has me labeled as the problem patient because the midwife came in noting that she read that I don't trust the hospital and would like to have a home birth.  I felt a little like Elaine on Seinfeld when she wants to steal her medical record from the doctor because it labels her as difficult and she doesn't want that to follow her.  I met with a new midwife today and she is not my favorite.  She seemed intent on focusing on all the things that can go wrong during birth and trying to scare me into believing that the hospital's technology and policies were definitely going to be necessay to keep my baby from dying.  Not exactly a comfort to any expectant parent.  I like the other 3 midwives a lot, so we will just hope that one of them is on call when Sarah Graves decides to make her grand entrance :)

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Nikki said...

My goodness......I cannot believe they actually say those type of things to you?!!? What happened to bedside manner??