Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gifts for Sarah Graves

I mentioned that we received some gifts for Sarah Graves for Christmas.  Her grandparents bought her two big things that I think she will really appreciate, her stroller and her swing.  She's a lucky girl!
You know that we had to put them together.  I even tested Lucy out in the stroller around the house!  My parents gave us the stroller and Aaron's Dad and Beverly gave us the swing and the accessories for the stroller. 

The stroller was super easy for Aaron to put together and he has all the accessories on it that we may need for our first outing.  The diaper bag attaches to the side of the stroller so that you don't have to reach for it under the baby's seat.  He has the adapter for her infant car seat all hooked up so that we can snap it in and be off.  I love how big the canopy is on this thing.  It has another section so that it can come down almost entirely over baby, perfect for napping on the go.  I am still so impressed by how easy it is to fold.  The diaper bag has to come off, then you just lift a handle on the seat and it's folded.  I can't wait for to be here and be able to go somewhere!

I think this swing willl see a lot of use!  I picked it because it can plug in to the wall outlet, or it can use batteries.  I like the idea of not being caught short on batteries when we need it the most!  It plays several songs and sounds and the mobile rotates, so hopefully that will make for a happy Sarah Graves! 

We have received so many nice gifts from our family and friends!  No baby could be more equipped to come into the world than this one!  We even have diapers and wipes all ready for her, so now if she would just get here!

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