Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We found a doula

Throughout my research on birth I have read about the benefits of doulas.  Doulas act as a support person for the laboring woman and her partner.  They don't provide any medical intervention, but they do stay with you throughout labor and will provide suggestions for positions you might try and other things to make you more comfortable during labor. 
We have talked a bit about having a doula and even asked the midwife at one of our appointments.  She felt it was more for people who don't have a partner to support them in labor.  After my last appointment with the midwife that I don't care for, I decided that I would be better off having all the support that I can get. 
There is a group of doulas that have a practice called A Labor of Love and that is who I contacted to find out about hiring a doula.  Pam was recommended to us and after reading her bio we felt she would be a good fit for what we want.  Aaron and I met with her for an hour this evening and both felt comfortable with her and felt she is someone that we would want to be with us throughout labor and delivery. 
In a couple of weeks we will have a prenatal session with her to really talk about our vision for the birth and for us to get to know one another better.  I think that working with her will allow me to relax a bit about the birth and lose some of this anxiety that I have around the hospital and the medical interventions.

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Nikki said...

My goodness -- I am learning more and more about this process. A doula -- new to me!!

You two are just amazing!!!