Friday, December 18, 2009

Doula and Water Birth Class

We had a very busy afternoon and evening last night.  We met with Pam for our prenatal visit in the afternoon and attended a class on water birth and looked at the hospital where we will now be delivering yesterday evening. 
The prenatal visit with Pam was really good.  Mom met us so that she could met Pam and be a part of the discussion about the birth.  We focused mostly on what my ideal birth might look like and talked a lot about the different options that are there and different things to consider for coping with labor.  Mom and Aaron both noted that I am irritable when I am in pain, so we are grateful for someone like Pam to be there and try to help me without Mom and Aaron having to deal with a grump.  Pam has a very calming way and I feel so grateful that we found her.  She also has some really cool products that you don't see in stores.  One of the neat things is called a Moby wrap and lets you wear your newborn and baby up to 35 pounds.  At first Aaron and I were thinking that we didn't really need anything like this, but now we are thinking that it would be a great way to keep her close and still have a free hand to do things like play fetch with Lucy. 

Our water birth class was really great!  The persoon who taught it is a Labor and Delivery nurse and she is the nurse that I hope for.  She is really supportive of natural childbirth and sounds like she would really be there to partner with caregivers and doulas to help you have the birth you want.  She even mentioned that they really do read your birth plan.  It was also amazing to me that there were about 10 or 12 couples in the room and they were all wanting a natural childbirth and were working with a midwife and usually a doula!  Many of them were also late transfers to this hospital and Intown Midwifery when they realized that their medical practice that agreed they would support natural childbirth really wasn't that supportive.  A few of the couples were a little granola, but several of them looked just like us and just want the best birth out there. 
We learned a lot about water birth and what we can expect from it.  We wouldn't labor in the water until active labor when I am dilated about 5-6 centimeters.  If you get in the water too early it can slow the contractions down and labor doesn't really keep moving.  The water will be very warm so that baby can keep her warm temperature.  They keep it between 98-101 degrees.  Lucky for me, I really like a warm bath!  The tub is like an inflatable kids pool with a little seat in it.  A new liner is put in for each patient so that it is always clean and they fill it with water from the shower.  We had a chance to see one of the rooms and with the tub, bed, and baby care area it is pretty tight.  I was a little disappointed to hear that only 3 people can be in there with you, but can see why space is an issue.  Because this hospital is in downtown Atlanta, some of the rooms have an amazing view of the city skyline.  It was beautiful at night! 
I am now feeling really excited about the change and feeling really confident that I have put together the best group of people to support me and Aaron in this process and help us have the best outcome possible.  It's really a good feeling!

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Nikki said...

Oh I am just soooo excited for you two!!! This is really great!!