Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby Care

Yesterday we went to a newborn care class.  I think that we have both read enough that we were familiar with a number of things that they went over, but there were a few new things.  One thing they mentioned is that all newborns have a startle reflex called the Moro reflex and they basically bring their arms up all of a sudden.  I guess many parents have mistaken this startle for their newborn having a seizure. 
The other thing is they give you a DVD of "The Happiest Baby on the Block", which covers some good soothing techniques to calm a newborn.  It also demonstrates how to swaddle a baby so they feel secure.  All good things to know. 
We were hopeful that we might meet some expectant parents, but the other couples in the class were extremely quiet.  Maybe the husbands were all just hoping to get home in time to see the championship football games.


Leslie said...

_The Happiest Baby on the Block_ is amazing. Someone gave us the book when I was pregnant and those methods WORK. (Not just the swaddling. Try all of them.) :)

Also, the startle reflex can be quite funny. My dad called it the "touchdown". She would randomly just throw both arms up in the air in her sleep in a touchdown motion. Too cute!

HK said...

I remember the Moro reflex! Wael and I would yell out "MORROOOO" everytime Zayna lifted her arms and's funny to watch when it happens by mistake. Probably cruel to keep doing it though :)