Friday, December 18, 2009

Visit with Midwife

Wednesday we went for a visit with a midwife at Intwon Midwifery.  Aaron and I were both very pleased with what we found.  We met with Anjili and their practice and the hospital seem like a good fit for us.  She was very patient with my questions and she took a look at my birth plan and didn't have a problem with it.  What a relief to go for a check-up and feel like they want the same thing you do!  I didn't realize before how exhausting it was to have to constantly stand up for what I want and try to convince the caregiver that it is the better way for me.
We also did all the regular check-up things and all looks on track.  I am measuring right about where we should be, my blood pressure is good, and Sarah Graves seems to be positioned with her head down.  Anjili thinks that she is a little posterior, so we need her to rotate a little more in order to be just right for delivery, but there is time for that. 
Aaron and I both felt very comfortable and think these midwives are a good fit for what we want in our birth.  For those of you concerned about emergencies and things going wrong, they have back-up from an Ob/Gyn, but with a little luck we won't have to meet him!
So far it is looking like it was for the best that we were dropped from the other practice!

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Nikki said...

oh this is so great!!! Our sweet Lord is so amazing with his timing and the mysterious way He works. So glad this is a such a better fit and less stress. What a blessing!!