Monday, November 30, 2009

We're Home!

We drove back from Shreveport yesterday.  We had a great time and they gave us a fabulous shower.  I will post about the shower later with pictures.  After being away from Lucy for a week we were excited to pick up our fur baby!  Lucy stayed at Mom and Pops' house, the equivalent of Disneyland for a doggie!  She had a fabulous time taking walks, supervising Christmas decorating, and being the center of attention. 
I'm glad she had some time away because she has recently had a run in with the law.  Yes, animal control has notified us that a neighbor complained about Lucy's barking.  Last week I contacted Angie, a fabulous dog trainer who has helped us in the past to understand Lucy's behavior and make her an enjoyable member of our family.  Angie's interpretation was that Lucy has a lot of nervous energy that may be due to her sensing the baby coming and is likely due to us being more busy than usual and me not getting out to walk her as much as usual, and this nervous energy has been directed at barking.  The recommended treatment is intense exercise that includes running to help her get her nervous energy out and be back to her more balanced self.  
She had a lot of exercise at Mom and Pops' house and did not make a peep all last night!  We are checking into a doggie daycare once a week as a way for her to get to run with other doggies and really get some exercise.  Hopefully, she will be back to her old self soon! 

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Nikki said...

Poor darlin' as long as she is not barking at 5am then they should just get over it!! So horrible!!

I hope she makes some good friends at the doggie day care!