Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This could be a serious problem...

I have acquired a craving for candybars that could be a serious problem.  I think about it all the the time.  We had some candy leftover from Halloween and it is almost gone.  A part of me would be glad not to have it available, but another part of me is worried what I will do about this constant desire for the candy and nothing to satisfy it.  In case you're wondering, Twix is my big desire.  Because I am staying away from foods with peanuts in them while pregnant, that has reduced the options for candy that I really like.  Twix is definitely the frontrunner.  I think about eating it in the car, I think about it first thing in the morning, and it goes on all day. 
This is a similar desire to the one that I had for orange juice in the beginning of the pregnancy, but there is no way to reconcile that eating Twix bars until your heart's content could be good for me or the baby.  There is no nutritional value for her in a candybar.  Why don't I have a craving for something like fish that would actually benefit her right now?  Aren't pregnant women supposed to want strange things like a can of sardines?
My saving grace is that the vending machine in my office does not offer a Twix bar and they aren't available downstairs in the dining area, I've checked.


Jeanne' Bourgeois said...

Too funny! I'm liking the new page layout and color change.

Nikki said...

Me too -- I so so surprised this morning!! It is so PINK!!!

Nat -- JUST SAY NO!!! You can do it! Only 10 more weeks to go!!